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This space is dedicated to all those local insiders I have met to-date, who have strongly proved to know their city better than anyone else, and are willing to take us in those secret urban corners where magic just happens!

Join us in this unique journey… The journey of a budget traveler, and not that of a lifestyle tourist.

Our motto is Do, Feel, Live, Eat…  “Like A Local”!

If you feel you might also qualify to be part of our “Local Experts” team, do drop me a message on Profiles are reviewed thoroughly and only the best will make it through the Gang!



athens, greece

Thaleia will tell you everything you need to know about Athens. No matter if you are a tourist or a local, she will challenge you to go visit her favorite hidden corners and foodie spots.

And dare you say she was wrong!

While this page is still “work in progress”, follow her Travel and Food accounts on Instagram for a first flavor of what is coming up next! 

A time bomb is loading…


dominican republic

Adriana was born (budget) traveler!

However, it was her studies in tourism that helped her combine her wanderlust with her job! What’s special about Adriana is that she likes to settle down in the places she is visiting for work. She has already lived and worked in Jordan, Dominican Republic and Iceland. She is also Polish!

I am lucky enough to have her on-board this Local Expert journey and you are even luckier to get so many inside tips from her!


Lisbon, Portugal

Marco is another budget-minded traveler that has already visited (probably) over 100 countries so far! He has also spent long time abroad while studying and working. Apart from Portugal, he has lived in China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Poland and Spain.

He is currently a tour guide in Lisbon, so he knows both the needs of a tourist and a traveler!

His profile perfectly serves the scope of this page! Soon, he will be sharing with us the best budget spots and tips you will never find in any guide book. Starting from his home town, Lisbon!